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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer
Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy for lung cancer is the treatment which is employed to treat cancer. It involves prescription of anti-cancer drugs to the patient, and the patient is expected to take the drugs as prescribed. These drugs help in disruption of growth of cancer cells. This is because cancer cells grow very fast. In addition, cancer cells spread to other parts of the body fast than normal. In some cases, it even becomes hard to see the cancer cells through scans and other examinations. Chemotherapy for cancer therefore is used to curb the spread of lung cancer to other parts of the body, while suppressing cancer itself.
Anti-cancer drugs are designed in a manner that they can mingle into the bloodstream, thus entering every part of the body. This helps in killing cancer cells that have already spread to other parts of the body. The anti-cancer drugs also ensure that the growth of cancer cells is halted thus enhancing the healing process.
It is good to note that chemotherapy is not surgery or radiotherapy. It is administered as an early treatment strategy to enhance the healing process. This though does not mean that it cannot be administered with surgery or radiotherapy. Sometimes chemotherapy can be administered alongside radiotherapy or surgery. When administered with radiotherapy, chemotherapy for cancer is normally undertaken before or after the process. This is so in order to increase effectiveness of radiotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs can also help the patient live long even if he is not going to be healed of cancer.
On the same note, chemotherapy can be administered before or after surgery. This is so in order to increase the effectiveness of surgery. This is because chemotherapy drugs kill already spread cancer cells, thus lessening the effects they have on the patient. This increases chances of surgical success. Chemotherapy drugs also are administered in order to reduce risks of cancer ever coming back again. This means that chances of the patient living a cancer free life after surgery are very high.
Chemotherapy drugs are either injected through veins or swallowed through the mouth. How often you take them and for how long depend on the type of drugs you are taking. There are different types of chemotherapy drugs, but this doesn't mean that you take any drugs. It is important to consult your doctor or nurse in order to know what kind of drugs to take. In fact, it is your doctor who will prescribe the drugs for you; never start taking by yourself.
It is important to note though that chemotherapy for lung cancer drugs can have some side effects. It is possible for instance for you to lose your air, become dizzy or even become extremely weak. The extent of these effects will depend largely on the type of medications you are taking, your fitness level, age, and sex among other factors. In some cases, these effects can improve with time, or even worsen. Where the side effects worsen, a lot of remedies can be applied even changing the medicine. That is why it is very important to seek the advice of the doctor before you start taking them. In addition, you need to constantly check on your doctor to know your progress. In general through, chemotherapy for cancer can be very beneficial. For instance, it can cure cancer, it can suppress cancer or even prolong someone's life.

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