Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy

Before knowing about stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy you should know some basic factors about stage 4 lung cancer and their affect on the life expectancy of the patient. Though every type of cancer is a dangerous disease as most of the time it is diagnosed at a very later stage. Similar is the condition with lung cancer. Most of the patients suffering from lung cancer are diagnosed at the stage 4 of the disease which is too late for the patient to survive for long.

Still chances for stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy differ with every individual patient depending upon various factors as discussed in brief hereunder.

Factors affecting life expectancy for stage 4 lung cancer patients

Location and type of lung cancer: Lung cancer is usually observed in different types as sometimes it is found confined in a specific region whereas sometimes it spreads over extensively to a larger area. Age of the patient: Life expectancy for younger people having stage 4 lung cancer is more than the older people.Gender of the patient: Chances of life expectancy in stage 4 lung cancer are more with women than men.General health of the patient: If the general health of the patient at the time of diagnosis of lung cancer is good then the chances of life expectancy increase considerably. He becomes able to survive for longer time on the basis of the treatments provided to recover from the problem. Any other health problem may reduce his life expectancy considerably.Response to the treatment: Chemotherapy and various other therapies including radiation therapy used to treat stage 4 lung cancer usually have various types of side effects. If the patient is not able to tolerate these side effects then the life expectancy may reduce otherwise he can survive for longer. Complications due to lung cancer: Several complications caused due to lung cancer like clotting of blood etc. can also adversely affect his life expectancy at stage 4.

Along with these factors there a number of statistical proofs that can help you in making up your mind about the life expectancy of the stage 4 lung cancer patients. Though these results are based on the statistics received some years back but they still prove to be true at present. It has been proved that almost fifty percent of the stage 4 lung cancer patients survive not more than 8-10 months after their diagnosis.
Chances of their survival up to 5 years are not found in more than 10% case, only if they respond to the treatments effectively.

Moreover chances of life expectancy for stage 4 lung cancer patients are limited. At this stage this disease can be treated only to restrain it from spreading. Its cure is almost impossible at this stage. The treatment can only help in reducing the symptoms of the disease which can help the patient to survive for some more time.

Affect of various treatments on life expectancy

The lung cancer is said to be of stage 4 when it spreads to various distant organs from the site of its origin. It can be easily treated if not progressed to other sites and remained at a specific site only. But in any case it can not be cured by using localized therapies including radio therapy or surgery. In some cases of stage 4 lung cancer
chemotherapy plays important role in increasing life expectancy if the patient responds to it positively. Some patients respond effectively to currently introduced drugs known as cytotoxic drugs to get positive affect on their disease.

But in certain cases patients respond less to chemotherapy when their cancer reverts back after some time even if they were effectively positive to this treatment at their initial stage 4. it is due to the chromosomes of cancer cells get used to the affect of chemotherapy due to various genetic or epigenetic changes in your body. The responsive cells in the tumor of lung cancer were killed in your successful initial treatment. But the presence of less responsive cancer cells at the site of cancer had redeveloped the problem which is least treatable easily. Thus their life expectancy gets reduced considerably.

Thus stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy depends on various factors as discussed in
this article. You should evaluate all the factors discussed to find out the exact life expectancy.
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