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Monday, October 7, 2013

Stage 3 lung cancer

Stage 3 lung cancer

Stage 3 lung cancer is declared on a patient if the cancerous cells have spread to other delicate parts of the chest especially the lung lining or the chest cavity. It is, therefore, isolated on the chest region and is associated with larger nodules. The stage 3 lung cancer has been categorized into 3A and 3B for diagnosis purposes. Stage 3A is a "locally advanced" cancer cell. This means that the tumor has not yet spread to the distant regions, but within the lymph nodes especially where the tumor has developed in the body. On the other hand, stage 3B is an advanced lung cancer together with stage 4, though stage 4 is very chronic. Although it is normally considered incurable, it is actually treatable to prevent the extensive damage of the cancer cells in other parts of the body.

It is estimated that a high percentage of patients in stage three of lung cancer progress to stage 4 while the rest may be successful to control and manage the advancement of cancerous cells during prognosis.Stage 4 of the lung cancer is considered as the chronic stage where the survival of the patient is very low, therefore, referred to as metastatic cancer.

Stage three overview and explanations

The stage 3 cancer generally means that the cancerous cells have been spread to most parts of the chest cavities, lungs and most likely the lymph nodes. The process of prognosis normally diminishes depending solely on the patient if he or she is categorized with 3B or 3A lung cancer. Whereas treatments are available in this stage, there is a significant disparity between the whole life prognosis especially those categorized with 3A and 3B lung cancer stages. It is a common observation that patients in this lung cancer stage have a profound and discouraging prognosis.

3A Prognosis

In many cases, patients with 3A stage lung cancer have an overall rate of 24% of prognosis for the next 6 years; however, this may vary from patient to patient. Additionally, the tumors may be small or large in sizes and are spread throughout the lung linings and lymph nodes. It is interesting to note that they are only located in one side of the human chest together with tumor. As time progresses with no immediate medical attention, stage 3B slowly emerges with mild symptoms on the patient.

3A treatments

The stage 3A lung cancer has very poor prognosis and patients within this category are normally considered as clinical trial patients especially for new treatments. The traditional medicine is preferred like surgery, combination of chemotherapy and medicines, surgery and chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. If, in some cases, the stage 3A lung cancer is inoperable, doctors may administer various chemo-therapies that are available.

3B Prognosis

This stage has been considered as very invasive and very poor in prognosis. A patient with stage 3B has an approximately 6% to 11% prognosis of survival for the next 6 years. Additionally, it is also considered as an advanced lung cancer and includes tumors that are in the lungs, the lymph nodes and other areas of the chest like the heart or esophagus. In addition to the rapid growth of tumor that are spreading, the lung cancer patient normally exhibits some malignant pleural effusion, a concentration of fluids containing cancer cells located in between the layers and the linings of the lungs.

3B Treatment

It is a common observation that 3B cancer is not curable, but the patient can be treated in order to lengthen his or her life. Additionally, 3B lung cancer is inoperable, and radiation treatment and a blend of chemotherapy are often pursued. It is sad to note that approximately fifty percent of 3B lung cancer patients may not survive after the first 14 months upon the initial the 3B lung cancer treatment.


Both of the lung cancer stages, 3A and 3B, have been considered as very dangerous stages. Previous cases show that the chances of survival are very minimal. However, studies indicate that patients in this stage can survive which depends solely on the treatment and the rate of advancement of cancer throughout their body. Therefore, it is good to have a regular clinical check-up so as to manage and control the rate of advancement given that it is not curable, but treatable. Additionally, it is advisable to follow the diets that restrain the growth of cancerous cells in the body in the long run.


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