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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stage 2 lung cancer

Stage 2 lung cancer

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases faced by the human beings these days. There are a large number of different cancers and the common thing among all these types of cancers is that they are all curable when they are in the earliest stage of development. But in the advanced stages, there is no treatment and even if there is treatment, it's very difficult to save the patient. So what is stage 2 lung cancer and how to deal with that? Let us see the signs that usually occur in stage 2 lungs cancer and how to deal with it.

During the second stage of lungs cancer, the disease has spread to lymph nodes and all other vital parts of the body. Hence the treatment is a little bit difficult, but still there are chances of survival for the patient. The degree to which it has spread to all other lymph nodes determines the extent of the disease and the success of treatment. The disease might or mightn't have spread to main bronchus. If it hasn't spread to main bronchus, the treatment would more likely be successful and if it has spread over them, the treatment is less likely to end in success.

The size of the tumor also determines the success rate of the treatment. As everyone knows it very well, the most important causes for lungs cancer are smoking and tobacco consumption. If you are a chain smoker, the chances that your disease might have spread to almost all your vital organs before it is discovered are very high. On the other hand, if you aren't a smoker, your chances of escaping the capital punishment because of the cancer are very high! So if you are a smoker, it is the right time to quit it completely.

So what are the important symptoms of second stage lungs cancer? There are many symptoms, but many times the patient fails to detect the problem as these symptoms are commonly seen with other common diseases also. Persistent cough is the most important symptom of this disease. Along with that, cough with blood is also seen among the people who are in the acute stage of lungs cancer. Chest pain is also another serious symptom of this disease. Chest pain is usually the symptom of heart disease, but remembers; sometimes it could be the symptom of something more serious also. Lungs cancer is also one such serious illness about which you need to be careful always.

Treatment for the disease is somewhat complicated. At the second stage, the disease is not simple enough to cure easily, but still it is possible to cure it. There are many treatment options like chemotherapy and lungs surgery for stage 2 lung cancer treatment. The success rate of the treatment once again depends on many factors such as the size of the tumor, the overall health status of the patient and his ability to respond to the treatment. So if you are suffering from stage 2 lung cancer, there is no need to lose heart. Your positive attitude will surely lead you to good health.

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